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Sunday, April 20 2014

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Start Dates


(16 weeks)

Jan 06th - April 25th, 2014

April 28 - August 15, 2014

Sept 02 - Dec 19, 2014

Jan 05 - Apr 24, 2015


(15 weeks)

Jan 06th - April 18th, 2014

April 28 - August 8, 2014

Sept 8 - Dec 19, 2014

Jan 05 - Apr 17, 2015


(14 weeks)

Jan 06th - April 11th, 2014

April 28 - Aug 01, 2014

Sept 15 - Dec 19, 2014

Jan 05 - Apr 10, 2015


(14 weeks)

Jan 06th - April 11th, 2014

April 28 - Aug 01, 2014

Sept 15 - Dec 19, 2014

Jan 05 - Apr 10, 2015


 March 27, 2014

 BayTech College will be closed for the morning

Classes to  resume at 12:30



BayTech Institute of Trades and Technology is Atlantic Canada’s leading private trades training facility. BayTech provides career training which merges theory and practical hands-on experience. This ensures ‘job ready’ graduates at an entry level position. The staff at BayTech are committed to meet the needs of the students. We will provide the resources and training to take on the industry. Students will benefit from the knowledge of qualified and certified instructors who bring years of industry experience and at the end of each program, successful student are elegible to write the Block 1 exam since 2010. BayTech education creates opportunities to gain real skills for the jobs that are in demand, a chance to access the latest technology and use it for your advantage. We are proud of our record and strive to improve our programs day by day.

BayTech offers you quality training in a private learning institution. We believe in practical education through partnerships with industry.

Why wait for September? We have courses starting every fall, winter and spring!




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"BayTech Institute of Trades and Technology exceeded my expectations in preparing me for a new career.  With it's excellent instructors, that have real-life industry experience,  reduced classroom size and state of the art equipment, BayTech provided me with the skills needed in order to... Read more


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